About us


Foundation for the Next Generation Learning Communities (NextGene) is a locally registered NGO operating and registered in Uganda. The NGO has a wide experience and focus on very pressing issues in the Sub-Saharan and Developing nations. Among others, the NGO has a particular interest in; Women and Children, Youth, Employment, Health, Education, Environment and the Use of Renewable Energy. Some of the main objectives of NextGene include;

 To participate in programmes leading to poverty eradication. This encompasses empowering of persons with disabilities, youth and women with entrepreneurial skills, retirement planning skills and tools.  Under this, NextGene takes such measures as mobilising and organising the public in the struggle against ignorance, poverty and disease and to establish and support or aid in the establishment of projects and a fund for the advancement of education, the furtherance of health and relief of poverty, distress and sickness.

 To undertake participate in all matters and special problems relating to human rights, environmental conservation, the protection of the rights of the vulnerable groups such as children, women and persons with disabilities.

Engagement in research into all the problems relating to the social and economic situation of children, women and persons with disabilities, to collect, prepare and distribute information and statistics relating to it and propose such methods, procedures and measures as may be deemed necessary so as to ameliorate the situation;

Establishment of programmes and projects aimed at uplifting the standards of life within families and communities such as schools, colleges, clinics, health centers and hospitals and hotels;

To initiate, promote, build or support all or any projects and effort of whatever form and description ranging from the personal, family, community, national and international levels as are or may be geared at minimizing the social economic or other ills consequential upon or associated with loss of ignorance and abject poverty.  

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